Sunday, 18 March 2018


A proposal is always romantic, regardless of the settings and how it's actually done. The fact that someone has chosen a specific person to be their life partner is all the romance anyone needs! I mean, how frigging special, exciting, beautiful and humbling. In my opinion, there is no gesture bigger than being told, "you're The One".

Love is everything, it really is. The way it feels to receive and give love is so beautifully wonderful and as I travelled to the choice of venue for the knot to be tied I couldn't help but give thanks to God for bringing such joy and abundance to so many lives through love.

Country settings, peaceful vibes, an overflow of excitement, eager anticipation, butterflies and the world of happiness! All the feelings at the very same time shared between everybody present, for the very same reason - my brother; the youngest of three, a dad of one, a friend to many, a son to a great mother, an uncle, the one I watched grow from a cute, chunky baby to a gym loving, talented and successful man is now a married man!

I have the most amount of glee in my heart as I write this. Another two people were able to find each other amongst the darkness in this world to be one another's light and I thank Jah that I was one of a select handful of people who was there to witness their union. 

MAHOOSIVE congratulations to Mr & Mrs Francis! May your future together be just as spectacular as the day you wed and then some. xxxx

Folks, let companionship be what you seek not casual sex, meaningless connections, short lived romance, or temporary fillers for when you're lonely. Hold out for the real deal. Be patient and whilst waiting, work on being the best version of your greatest self.

Thanks for reading.
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Random fact > I was proposed to, during my early twenties, after the relationship reached its 3 year milestone. Although I never gave an answer, I did wear the ring! Not sure what happened to it when we split up though... I also don't know why I didn't give an answer!!


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