Sunday, 4 February 2018


CopyrightCharleyJaiI'm laughing out loud as I write this, because, if you've been reading my blog for several years, you already know that I am so against the money making fad that is Valentines Day. Nonetheless, I have actually 'celebrated' the occasion before [an ex of mine was all about it and would spoil me something rotten], but, far from having softened, I do understand that for some people it's less about the hype and more about focusing on love. So, if my significant other wanted us to do something for valentines day, here's what would 'do it' for me.

Don't be [too] spontaneous with it. Go out of your way to demonstrate just how much you respect, appreciate, value and love me. It's nice to see that someone has really thought about how they intend to make someone else feel special, even if it is only for one day. 

Spending a huge amount of your hard earned cash, or even if you didn't have to work your bottom off for the money you have, to lavish me with gifts far too delicate to use, an extravagant meal at an uncomfortably high end restaurant, followed by super expensive flowers, chocolates [I'm not into plants, nor am I that keen on chocs] and whatever else, is all a bit, "really? Isn't this what most other couples are doing today?".

I'd much rather you reserved some time just for us and we visit somewhere we've not been before [discovering new places is one of my fave things to do] where we can simply take in the surroundings; do a spot of sightseeing. Or, you can arrange a cosy, comfy movie marathon [of films we've not yet seen], with home made popcorn and / or a meal you've cooked yourself. 

Alternatively, if you insist on taking me out for a meal, let it be somewhere fairly quiet and understated! A meaningful, stress free, chilled and cost effective way to celebrate us is more likely to have me say, "yes" to a 'valentine's day date'. Money has nothing on time and that's what matters - time!

Make something for me; for us. A small, cute, thoughtful D.I.Y treat is always a winner because, it says so much more than "I love you". The time spent creating, or building that particular thing, whatever it may be, will be so appreciated and also one of the best kept symbols of your feelings for me. A memory we can both cherish, especially if we share the experience of creating / building it. Remember, valentines day is about shared love not one person showering the other with a whole heap of romance!

How cliché and less likely to hold much meaning when said on a day where it is expected. Just show me in your own, unique; original way. 

That's it! A simple woman, not necessarily easily pleased, but, one who is all about authenticity, simplicity and originality.

How do you plan on celebrating v-day, folks?

Thanks for reading.
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Random fact > I once had a crush [cannot stand that word] on the same person for almost nine years and never told them which was all kinds of foolish because, they felt the same way about me and made it very clear! There's a valid reason why I kept hush, but, it wouldn't be fair to disclose that.... Not now anyway! Soz, folks. 

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