Sunday, 5 November 2017


This particular subject is one (I believe) everyone should speak about whether they have been directly affected or not. It's about raising a high level of awareness in the hope that we can bring about a long-term, effective change!

Sexual misconduct is not exclusive. It does not only occur amongst the elite, rich and famous. The difference between one with a public profile and the likes of Miss Nobody (aka me) is being in the spotlight. 

Sadly, one too many (males and females, of all ages, shapes, backgrounds and the rest) have been subjected to some form of inappropriate conduct by someone in/with a position of power (physically, or professionally) and the immediate emotional response varies. In a lot of cases that very response has been the extremely thin line between the incident taking a more sinister turn and the victim getting out alive...

There still remains the misconception that attire, or behavioural choices determine whether or not someone is more at risk of being subjected to a sexual, or violent offence and this is the most ridiculous thought, ever! A would-be perpetrator will likely target anyone they are convinced they can 'have their way with' and not get caught. 

A woman could be completely covered up except for her face, hands and ankles. A man could be dressed in jeans, with an oversized jumper, socks, boots and a hat. 'Monsters will do what monsters do'.

If one is physically unable to prevent an assault, should they survive their ordeal, one way to protect themselves (and others) going forward is to speak openly and unashamedly about the experience. EXPOSE the offender/attacker! Of course, such a thing is not at all easy and can take some time, but, it is so necessary. Now more than ever!! Speak out.
Way too many powerful individuals exploit their privilege of power for the most horrid personal gains and I feel silence is their enabler. We all have freedom of speech and the choice to exercise that freedom.

ALWAYS say "no" firm and strong. ALWAYS fight back. ALWAYS expose anyone who has abused, or is abusing you. ALWAYS seek justice. You are not to blame, it will never be your fault, nor are you responsible. Take back control by reporting the perpetrator (giving as much detail and information as possible). Do not allow yourself to be held prisoner by your thoughts about your ordeal. Confront it (with the support of your loved and trusted ones, if possible) so you can move on.

The best form of defence and protection is your voice. Use it.

  • Keep a mini flashlight with you
  • Carry a whistle, or personal alarm
  • Use an alcohol based spray to stun
  • Do not drink yourself into an oblivion! 
  • Keep jewellery and expensive wear to a minimum
  • Leave distracting items out of sight (phone, music player)

This link will provide you with further information and tips relating to this subject.

You will help yourself massively and do a great service to others when you report a crime, so, please make sure that you do! We each have a duty of care to ourselves and those around us.

Be safety conscious.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. Very good safety tips keep up the hard work.

  2. Very informative Charley

  3. This awareness should be taught in schools & posted around colleges. Great writing Charley.

  4. Great blog post. Sensitive topic but I like how you approached it x

  5. I hear you with this blog. The worrying thing is that this in not new it happens all the time. Power keeps it hidden. Got to fight the power and reveal the shame of the perpetrators.


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