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I didn't want to write about this because, it's negative, which goes against the aim of my blog. However, I have become increasingly affected by the influx of crime and tragic events occurring around the world, most notably in the UK, and therefore felt the need to express my feelings and where better than here?!?

In my opinion, the Grenfell Tower inferno was a corporate attack, in fact, it was murder! Supposedly, 500 - 600 people occupied those flats yet reports stated that the "number of casualties" are somewhere between 30 and 50. Have we been taken for idiots? We saw the speed and aggression of the fire as it took hold of the tower. It's unlikely anymore tenants are to be found alive, so, as far as I am concerned, the crime of murder has been committed! Those responsible (the fools that failed to take seriously the warnings from residents and action their concerns promptly and sufficiently) need to be arrested and sentenced!! 

Here in the UK, we're overpopulated (but, I'm not even going to go there) and many of us have also 'woken up' to see the UK Government for the cockroaches they truly are. They are killing us and by 'us' I refer to the poorest and most vulnerable. Worldwide devastation is happening and the ones mostly affected are those already at the bottom of the food chain. Coincidence, or calculated?

We, the so-called 'little' people, are a larger group / party than those in control of the country. As quick as we are to 'unite' and raise thousands, or millions for the causes we deem as worthy, is as quickly as we should be coming together to hold the Government to account! Forget the online petitions, let's come out of our homes, away from our online social media profiles and stand outside the offices and buildings of those responsible with a strong, firm stance and demand they put in place the necessary changes required to see those born and raised in the UK and those living here without grave criminal convictions (first and foremost) begin to thrive instead of die!

The real travesty is the fact that we are no longer shocked by reports of more killings, more stabs, more terror attacks, more murders and other criminal activities both in the UK and around the world. Once upon a time, as a child growing up in the 80's / 90's, I'd listen to TV and radio broadcasts and gasp as bulletins disclosed details of heinous crimes that were happening in countries I hadn't heard of before and which seemed so far away. Now, they tell of such things happening less than 1 hour from my doorstep!!!! Something is disgustingly wrong with that!

Whether the UK has a governing body, or not, we seem to forever be up poop creek! In addition to that, I don't believe it to be a coincidence that from one "tragic story" to the next, there is always something 'sent in' to distract us. How quickly they had us forget about and move on from the random acid attacks earlier this year, the Manchester concert bombing, the London Bridge attack / murders.... Hold on, wasn't there an election recently?.... Should I laugh, cry, remain silent, shout, bother with voicing my concerns, or just coast through as best as I can and wait my turn? What are any of us to do? What can we do?

There's so much more I could write about the severely damaged, corner cutting, lying UK Government and what it feels like to live in 21st century Britain - how uncomfortable I feel no longer hearing my own language, or accent as frequently as I now hear foreign tongues, the insane checks I have been subjected to before being permitted entry to another country in comparison to how 'chill' it seems to be to enter the UK but, like way too many, I'm beginning to feel as though there is no point expressing these feelings; my worries for England; the UK.... I am so upset by the things going on; my heart aches real bad for everyone so tragically and mercilessly affected by the incomprehensible madness spilling into and around the world!

I don't blame certain Brits for evading tax. Do I agree with it? No. Do I feel that I understand why? Yes. When I stop to consider the London Bridge attacks and the alike, I wonder, how is it that we pay to house some who are here only to hurt and take from us (did you check the news report about the homes of those responsible for the London Bridge attacks? Fairly decent). The 'little' people (the likes of you and I) aren't aware of whom such individuals are until it's much too late, but, the so-called powers that be; the governors of the UK are aware - these wicked people have usually had a brush with the law previously, or were reported as a 'cause for concern'; the red flag had been raised but, they are left to roam among us as they plot their evil. Ask yourself: why? Why do the so-called official persons responsible for the welfare of the UK seem to be standing back and allowing such atrocities to happen? Why do they often only surface to give redundant speeches with empty promises coated in fake empathy (or none at all) after evil has had its way? Is the UK Government in cahoots with such people? I actually believe they are, as much as I believe them to be responsible for Grenfell Tower, London Bridge, Manchester and the rest!

In my opinion, to which I am entitled, as are you, the UK Government is busy doing the job of increasing the riches of those already wealthy and killing off the poor to make space for more of their 'elite'. Any survivors of the Grenfell Tower crime would not be immediately housed in suitable, permanent accommodation. Why not? Theresa May would never have to wait 12+ hours (or up to 3 weeks, "or as long as 1 year"), to be rehoused, have supplies restocked and be further supported with whatever she may need to get back on her feet if her home was burned down. Why is that? Is hers and the lives of all others who are financially secure regarded as more valuable than the rest of us?

Am I racist? No. Do I have a problem with foreigners visiting, or coming to live in the UK? No. Do I detest the Government? Debatable! The bottom line is, I AM SICK of England being a 'free for all' spot where it appears that anyone (irrespective of their background, beliefs, previous convictions and the rest) can, it seems, enter and remain so easily. Said people often bring with them their ill habits (spitting, gobbing and blowing their open nostrils on the street, littering) and no social awareness / behaviour (interacting without their manners and respect in check, feet up on public seats, unnecessarily loud conversations and outlandish antics on our streets and transport). Pollution has risen and let's remember that certain folks entering the UK are responsible for some of the most despicable criminal acts!! Most importantly, I am so beyond sick of the senseless and unnecessary loss of lives (all life) with such matter of fact statements delivered by the country's officials about the circumstances in which lives are being lost. Again, what can I do (on my own, apart from share this one article via my blog unashamedly disclosing my honest thoughts and feelings) to make a change? The Bible and prayer provide me with comfort, faith, hope and gives me perspective so, that's what I do.... Read the scriptures and pray.

We must keep voicing our feelings, continue to ask questions, make sure we are being listened to... Speak daily and openly about Grenfell Tower and all other such crimes! Things cannot go on as they are, right? We need to see a massive bright shining positive light real soon at the end of what is the most disgustingly dark, murky tunnel!

I know of people who, as a result of how bad it has become, have considered leaving England permanently. I have considered doing the same, but, unfortunately, nowhere in the world is without its dark corners, so wherever you go, you'll find devastation and, with that in mind, perhaps it's about looking at how we better our lives wherever it is we reside? Either way, it's about survival.

I'm sorry for this crazy long post! It was on the verge of ranting but, I had to get this off of my chest. Maybe my question should be, is the world doomed? Things are getting progressively worse. We need a revolution! Literally!!


Thanks for reading.

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