Sunday, 12 March 2017


Not too long ago I felt as though I was a boxer taking on heavyweights without a coach to train and prepare me for the fights that were to leave me battered and bruised, albeit better for having stepped into the ring!

Last month I faced a few battles with someone I had become super fond of and therefore chose [wholeheartedly] to invest my time, expertise, trust and loyalty. The fallout with them [owing to, I believe, their pride and ego] led to a tizz with another individual [who had been a friend for more than 8 years] with whom I'd never even had a disagreement before!! In short, my investments, favours and support were taken for granted and standing up for myself was met with a huge amount of disrespect and shady antics. I then had quite a battle with myself because, I'm smart enough and real enough to check my part in every situation before I look at others. You know, I'm not perfect [go figure]... I have flaws, faults and negative characteristics just like everyone else in this imperfect world. However, I can admit that and then deal accordingly!! I'm honest about both my light and shade. I'm not a pretender; you'll always know where you stand with me!

Choosing to walk away is quite easy for me [not in a horrid way - I just refuse to stay anywhere that doesn't feel right]. However, I do tend to stay much longer than I know I should due to my instinctive desire to actually make things work and to also give a second, third and fourth chance [which I know I shouldn't do]. The fact is, sometimes our circumstances are not meant to improve in the way we believe they should, or would like. Their purpose is to teach us a lesson, or two and once learned we are to leave. The End.

The lessons learned / timely reminders:
1. I have never wanted to be a director
2. I have never wanted to be a scriptwriter
3. 'Friends' who get away with going behind your back once will defo do so again!!
4. NEVER invest too much too soon in anyone, or anything! 
5. Reflection is great, prayer is even better!
6. When things go wrong and you're looking for answers, start with you
7. Always be proud of yourself for being willing to try
8. Never wear more than 2 hats per project
9. Some people are really good at hiding their truth

At the time of publishing this post, it was confirmed that the short film Man I Use To Be will not be produced as it "doesn't meet the aim" of the co-owner whom the story is about; with it being decided that it was not worth trying to salvage :( Huge thanks to all who were in full support of this project. It's possible the co-owner will remain in contact with the cast and create something fresh at a later date. 

This is the original trailer:

Thank you for reading. I sincerely hope you understand this post and find it helpful in some way. There will never be a time in your life that you cannot learn from so, remain open to seeing who you truly are as a person and as a professional, a friend, partner, parent etc. Be brutally honest with yourself and don't hold on so tight to pride and ego that you fail to change and adapt where and when it is necessary so that you can become the best you could possibly be. Also, a grudge will always be a silly thing to carry around with you, the same goes for regret! The best thing you can ever do for yourself is: know your worth and refuse to settle for being treated in any way that puts a dent in your value. 

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