Sunday, 15 January 2017


This post is dedicated to a lovely friend of mine who decided to join the blogging world. Based on the fact that you enjoy my content, I feel for sure that you will appreciate his posts too.

Sam Simon is a Creative Artist and MUA. I met him many years ago and he has actually done my make-up before [for a TV project] and he is just one of the most genuine and kind men I’ve ever met in my life. He is a deserving talent and one who is super skilled within his field and his *blog is a yummy blend of his expertise and personality. You will especially like his blog published via Tumblr if you’re into make-up, beauty and fashion!!

When I first met Sam it was his warmth, smile and friendly approach that I found most appealing. I soon came to learn of his awesome skills as a make-up artist and stylist. Sam has such a good eye for what will work against skin tones and wardrobe, as well as lighting and a set [stage, or TV], real talk! He is so damn awesome at what he does and one of the best things about the way Sam works is his ability to have clients feel comfortable and relaxed throughout. 

Sam is incredibly professional with a consistent and thorough work ethic. He is honest, passionate, driven, forever developing and is always keen to push the creative boundaries and I would, of course, definitely recommend him for your artistic photo shoot, fashion show, TV/Theatre project and the rest! ;) 

Sam at work - Warwickshire College
You can find out more about Sam via his recently launched *blog and connect with him via twitter. He also shares lovely pictures on instagram.

Thanks for reading.
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