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Summer 2016 in the UK was the final straw. I had to write this!

Some of you may laugh when you read the above header however, of those with the means to do so, you better believe there are people in the world who do not take the time to clean themselves properly or at all. I believe you should bathe in the morning, in the afternoon / evening if you plan to go out (and can actually have a shower beforehand), and before you go to bed. It is not about taking the days funk to sleep with you!

As with the bathing of your skin, there's nothing wrong with cleaning your teeth up to 3 times a day (brush, mouthwash) and flossing daily. I genuinely do not believe that twice a day is enough when you stop to consider just how long our (working) days can be and the amount we put into our gobs during that time!! From food, drinks, to chewing on pens, using our teeth to open things etc, etc... I reckon certain people's mouth are home to the world of bacteria and this is why they may be more likely to suffer with halitosis. Yuk!!!

How anyone can go to sleep comfortably with a face full of makeup (false eyelashes included) is beyond me! You're prone to having to fight off pizza toppings on that face of yours if you don't look after it properly. Remove your cover up (no matter how minimal) before you place your head on that pillow at night. You can find a step by step guide here.

That goes for your ears too. Clean out those bad boys, at least every other day, before the internal growth builds and causes hearing problems!

Here's the thing: I know somewhere in the world live certain individuals who think that it's okay to leave body hair to grow but, they're wrong! It is not okay!! Hair holds smell (due to it being a breeding ground for bacteria) and, if left to grow, what was a fresh, pleasant scent (first thing in the morning and perhaps until mid afternoon) can develop into a stink that reminds those who walk pass you of the mess released from a dogs backside!! Nasty! I defo believe women should clean shave all areas (except for their head unless of course they want to) and men should trim to a 'number 1' all over, REAL TALK!!!! Just because you're covered up with clothes doesn't mean that dutty stench coming from your pits, or downtown is not reaching the nostrils of those around you. Trim that mess and keep it fresh. No need to use perfumed products down below as that will cause a different type of problem. Just cut / shave the bush, wash in warm water, dab-dry and Bob (whoever he is) can be your uncle. At night time, after you bathe, you might want to put a little talc in that area *wink*

Where the hair on our head is concerned, we already know! If you're unsure of how best to look after your hair type, speak with your family and friends, a hairdresser, or search the internet for lots of information and videos.

Listen, there's a standard cheese that all feet will have when they have been inside footwear for a certain amount of time. However, from you know your toes are smelling like something sitting inside your kitchen bin, you need to invest in some odour eaters for your most frequently used shoes / trainers and you also need to be cutting them toenails! Not sure how anyone can walk around comfortably with toenails that fall out and over the shoes they're wearing! Never a good look and even worse with nail polish!!

 Non perfumed shower gel usually has less chemicals
E45 mixed with olive oil is a good body lotion and fairly priced
A pedicure on a monthly basis is a fab way to care for your feet
Harsh razors are no good on the skin. Same goes for a dry shave!
You can ask your dentist about flossing safely if you don't know how
Makeup removal wipes and other such products are better if scent free

Would love to have you tweet me with your own body / skin care tips that you know work from having tried and tested them. 

Thanks for reading!
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