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Too often, across the various social media outlets, I see folks share quotes, images and memes about being alone with their endeavours. Not only is this a [very sad] problem that is so common, it's one that seems to stick like mud! Nowadays, for a lot of people, it seems to be that the giving of their support is selective; strategic almost.

I once compared the reception to explicit tweets, insulting facebook posts and the [mostly random] images shared by some of the verified crew [on instagram] in comparison to those considered to be more wholesome, positively driven, with substance and a more meaningful purpose. You may not be surprised to learn that I found the majority of interest and attention was given to the less savory items and those shared by people at the 'top' of their circle / profession! Why though? How are such things of any benefit to those who 'jump' on them?

Take for example, the untold amount of beauty vloggers and bloggers out there... How is it even possible to join that bandwagon and see success? A great thing, of course [to succeed], I just cannot get my head around what / who becomes 'the next big thing' and those who are not even discovered! *There are so many great playwrights, loyal fundraisers, those volunteering to aid the lives of others, online wordsmiths, super gifted actors etc, all of whom are doing things to give back, educate, highlight certain causes, or just put themselves respectfully on their career 'map' etc, etc, etc............... yet their recognition is practically zero and any opportunities to further build on the greatness they have single-handedly achieved is scarce.

No, not everyone wants to be the next 'big thing' as it were but, everyone wants to be given the opportunity to go as far as they possibly can within their field*.

Crowdfunding donations
Attendees to events / gigs
Messages of encouragement
An open door without restrictions....

What does receipt of the above depend upon? Being thought of as attractive? Fake antics? Being regarded as one who is in a position that is of benefit to others based on who, or what you are connected to? What about talents, or skills - when are they factored in, if at all?

Now, with all that in mind, here's the thing... When you reach out publicly and few, or none, bother to take a look at your efforts you can sort of deal but, when your own family and friends will not even give a quick glance over your creations, it's a triple 'stab' right to the centre of your heart and several 'punches' to the head leaving you both emotionally and mentally knocked out...

Equally, when strangers do support your endeavors and your loved ones choose not to do so that level of pain is none that anyone can heal for you... You've got to crack on whilst trying not to be discouraged.

It can be so difficult not to believe that you must be hated [when you feel as though it's you against the world] as you push to see your dreams become a firm reality amongst a sea of non-supporters. Remember though, although it takes a certain level of [social media] recognition nowadays before anyone will give you a look-in, standing alone as you travel the rocky road towards success leaves you with less distractions and more head space for plans and self development. You can and will succeed...

Be patient, persevere and always try to find the positives in every situation...

So, what to do if you're not being supported? Be your own cheerleader! Wave those pom-pom's high in the air as you remain steadfast in all that you do. Continue to nurture your talents, stay consistent and pray! With, or without the backing of your family, close friends, work colleagues etc you can go all the way and succeed with your chosen pursuits.

You are not the enemy of everyone. That is not why you do not receive their support so readily. What's to say they're not envious; intimidated by your capabilities and possibilities? Or, perhaps your level of skills have them believe you can achieve and succeed all on your own.... *shrug*

Stick with your aims, go take the world by storm showing them both you and your incredible talents are here to stay well beyond the success that is on its way to you.

Thanks for reading!
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