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She is a serial nudist and he is a serial talker which is probably why, it seems, they work! I salute anyone in this day and age who is able to reach their career goal and sustain it however; I respect those whose success has followed talent!!

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West
Kimberley Noel Kardashian West aka Kim is a 1980’s baby who is often referred to as a ‘television and social media personality’ (note the absence of any real skill to be/do either) yet we all know that she (and subsequently her family) rose to fame after she was seen in a sex tape that was (supposedly) leaked back in 2007. Although she was previously known as a friend of Paris Hilton, it was the tape that propelled her into the spotlight because, in it, she was with Ray J (Brandy’s singer/songwriter brother). Such became the level of interest in Kim (and the Kardashian clan) that a ‘reality’ TV series was soon commissioned and the rest has become more than a $7 million dollar history!!! No wonder so many people (worldwide) equate success with fame as oppose to any real skill, ability or talent… Go you, Kim! What an awesome role model you are.

The couple with their daughter
Now married to Mr Enigma aka Kanye West, people appear to be even more fascinated by this woman! Their joint goal, I think, is to ensure speculation and media hype surrounds them 24/7 and they are succeeding because, even I (who doesn't usually write about celebs) has taken to blogging about the pair, choopse!!

Kanye Omari West has done well for himself despite being a college dropout, something many people frown upon to this day assuming one cannot go on to succeed if they leave education early, although he received really good high school grades. Born in the late 70’s, this man is actually very skilled and capable! Rapper, songwriter, record producer and fashion designer, he has won 21 Grammy awards and has worked with the likes of Alicia Keys and Ludacris. Nowadays though he is known more for being “an outspoken and controversial celebrity” and as a result has had legal issues, been arrested and charged with misdemeanor criminal battery. Kanye has spoken out of turn a number of times, shocking people in the process! Some of his statements include:
“George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” (he later apologised)
“I was robbed... I was the best artist this year” (American Music Awards 2004)
“Maybe my skin’s not right” (MTV Video Music Awards 2007)
“Beyonce’s video for ‘Single Ladies’ (‘Put a Ring on It’), nominated for the same award, was one of the best videos of all time” (MTV Video Music awards 2009) 

Happy Family!
The attention loving ‘Kimye’ are parents to a super stunning daughter, whom they named North and I cannot help but wonder what she will think of her parents antics when she reaches the age of (full) understanding. I’m also keen to see what type of teenager and adult North turns out to be and this is why I have now (reluctantly, grrr) joined the ranks of so many who are fascinated by ‘Kimye’, it’s all about little Miss North!!!

The child is an absolute beauty and will no doubt be snapped up by numerous companies throughout her life to advertise their products. She
North dressed up for Halloween!!
may even have her own reality TV show one day, imagine that! Lol...

Suffice to say, what with Kim’s changing hair colour, daring outfits and forever growing bottom together with Kanye not being able to refrain from saying or doing certain things, I’m sure we can expect more absurd and outrageous behaviour from Mr and Mrs Controversy for as long as they’re in the public eye!! That, my friends, is the definition of a ‘Kimye’ – Controversial exhibitionists!!

All of the above said, well done them for achieving what most give up trying with after falling at the first hurdle – financial stability for their future!

My one and only Kanye West album is The College Dropout which I love and still play because, with it, at the time, I believe he was putting out a powerful, positive message to the world: embrace who you are instead of trying to fit into one of society’s many boxes. Seems to be something Kanye lives by! Good for him.

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