Sunday, 1 February 2015


Definition of a False Web Prophet:

From the fake story about a 7 year old boy (in America) who used his dad’s credit card to “buy hookers”, to the reports that certain celebrities who are very much alive and well have passed away, there are one too many business moguls, bloggers, journalists and vloggers who have used such fakery, in a not so discreet attempt, to be recognised as some sort of new school Perez Hilton and/or boost hits to their site!

American Blogger/TV Personality, Perez Hilton
2013 was the year when it was to be expected that almost every article or post shared was likely to be a hoax however, this is something that has been going on for a long time and it looks like it will continue by those desperate for fame both on and offline…

Some go as to far as to instigate a would-be fake post about themselves to achieve notoriety (would you believe) only to then attempt a u-turn that still goes wrong and sticks like super glue!! Madness! In 2011, I believe, there was a female blogger who uploaded her own ‘sex’ tape as a way to promote an event aimed at young people except it was more of a suggestive video than the
actual doing of the do! Erm… Okidokey! Suffice to say, the media attention which followed had her receive more visits to her blog than she had seen previously. Nobody appeared to be remotely concerned that the post was aimed at the youth. Go figure! *rolls eyes/shakes head*

Here's the thing.. For many, regardless of what their interests are, especially those who post about personal grooming etc, fake or not, most do well from their not-so-truthful or outlandish online shenanigans, going on to receive huge followings and big mainstream opportunities! Crazy!! I guess, where fashion related, the fact is: there will always be a spot for those interested in clothes, accessories, styling etc so, anyone writing or making videos about such things is going to do better than someone like myself who blogs about all-things modern day! I have never and will never be a woman who goes all doo-lally for Mac, Maybelline, Dior, Zara, H&M, TopShop and the rest. I’d sooner read a book than spend money (whether I can afford to or not) on products too expensive to ever be justified of which the excitement will be short lived and where certain products are to be applied to my skin I will probably have some sort of breakout afterwards that has my face look like a very badly made pizza with an unnecessary amount of toppings! No, thanks!! Although I know the growth of the fashion/beauty industry is never ending and the majority are all over it like a permanent rash, it just doesn't appeal to me. If it did, my reviews etc would defo be authentic!

Not a photo of the female vlogger mentioned
As much as I find a certain fashion, beauty, make-up vlogger to be all sweet and innocent, as she has been so carefully packaged; a very likable young girl, finding out that she did not write her first book about how she turned her passion into a business was a real let down (and because of this I didn't buy it). Do I believe she needed to have been taught or just somehow have the skills of a potential best-selling author? No! I just know that I am someone who (no matter how rubbish it may turn out) would either a) pen the book entirely by myself seeking only to have it proof-read and checked for research accuracy etc, or b) state from the get that there will be other contributors to the book. How hard is that? Or, is it that there is value in lies these days? Is the truth now overrated? We won't talk about the vloggers who are actually sponsored by the brands they claim to "just love" and so want to share their "best buy's" with you!

Twitter is the playground of all who so badly want attention and so will tweet absolutely anything with that goal in sight! From those who will tweet positive quotes then later share a series of foul words directed at the world as though they have forgotten that, to the same followers, only minutes earlier, they were encouraging everyone to “aim high and stay on your path, be thankful, you can do it”, to those who use real life tragedies as reported on the news to propel themselves into the spotlight, fakery is definitely on another level of insane!! Some months ago somebody tweeted false claims of a friendship with a young man who had been murdered (as correctly reported via mainstream news) so as to promote a music video! There have been fake suicide posts via instagram as well as twitter and even a video shared which had showed a girl supposedly dying after receiving a severe blow to the head which later turned out to be a prank!!! I mean, really?

Make no mistake here, folks. I'm a champion of those achieving and succeeding. I just do not support those who “make it” doing the things (or similar) that are mentioned in this post. Fake hair, eyelashes, boobies etc I get (each to their own) but, sharing inaccurate or false stories etc (for personal gain and/or fame) is going way too far!!

Regular readers of my posts will know that I do not expose people (using names) because, I just feel it is so irrelevant and not my place and that’s why, although I felt strongly enough about this matter to blog about it, I have not included names and links referring to those mentioned. The bottom line is this: whatever you are to receive will be yours when the time is right and not before, no matter what! Should you rush things, or take matters into your own hands in a way that is distasteful, as it were, you will do yourself out of such blessings and then some. You may see success, fame and fortune as is no doubt the aim but, due to the way you would have obtained such things, they're likely to be short lived and the eventual backlash you'll face will not ever be worth it. Keep it real! By doing so, you have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain. Is achieving a hot minute as someone widely recognised worth your dignity or seeing others upset by your fake posts? I don’t think so… Better to reach any aim through genuine effort, hard work and talent than deception! Nobody in their right mind would want to be known for anything other than that which is real, right? *shrug*

'Lips Are Movin' by Meghan Trainor

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