Thursday, 31 July 2014


The way those on benefits are portrayed is about 3 things:
  1. The perception of those who've never been unemployed/on benefits
  2. The media’s immediate dismissal of such persons
  3. The fact that some claimants do actually refuse to seek work
I wonder, though, if anyone (especially those who fit into category 1 and 2) has ever sought to find out why there are a number of people who choose to remain unemployed, not via some over hyped, un-informative TV programme with a degrading title but, honest reasons from the relevant claimants with details of what led them to make such a choice. The DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) hand out around £145.00 per fortnight to each job seeker and in this day and age we all know that is nowhere near enough for anyone to live on irrespective of their age, class, gender, family background etc. So, why do some in receipt of benefits admittedly claim by choice?

While there are likely to be many reasons, a high proportion of which will probably be unjustified, in response to the above question, being unemployed (especially in this day and age) through no fault of your own is nothing to be ashamed of! But, whether unemployed and on benefits or just unemployed, despite the current economic issues being faced worldwide, jobs are about and there is definitely one for you!!!

With or without skills, qualifications and experience, the job market is the toughest it has been in years and it does take an awful lot to persist! But, like with all things, if you really want to find work you will!

Here are some of my successful methods to get you a job:

Although difficult, if you do not make the job of being unemployed your full-time job you are likely to miss a great opportunity! The moment you become complacent is the moment a great chance at something amazing may pass you by. Have a schedule, draft action plans, set deadlines and commit full-time to achieving your goal of finding the right job for you.

“Think good, live good” has been my motto for a few years now and it really does work! Visualize the finish line and be proactive in your search for work. If you do not choose to be productive and positive about your future prospects your situation will remain the same.


  • A winning CV includes the necessary information about your work history and will detail your most recent and credible job roles, attributes and the alike to include any relevant achievements such as ongoing systems you may have implemented whilst appointed in a particular role.
  • Cold-calls to businesses are often thought to be somewhat prehistoric… Erm, hardly! Giving a call to the HR department of any company to make pre-application inquiries may very well work in your favour. You will be demonstrating an early interest and they might just recognise your name when they receive your CV / application. Check and get calling!!
  • *Tailoring your CV to each job role is such an arduous task but, doing so will have you stand out from the hundreds applying for the same role. Although always best to present an honest CV, you are better off listing matching skills as outlined in the job spec of that which you are applying for.
  • *Buzz words are what employers / HR look out for so, note the key attributes they have listed in the job spec and include these in your covering letter as part of your personality descriptive where applicable.

  • Your covering letter should be in the correct (letter) format, in basic font that is no smaller than size 11 and must be brief! No employer / HR person will read an essay detailing (very unnecessarily) your life story!! Be formal, show that you have researched the role and ensure you state your reason for applying.
  • Speculative job applications are a long, drawn-out process but, again, another strategy that I, myself, have found great success with! Google companies whose business is in line with the type of work you want to do, find out who the manager / HR manager is and target them by addressing a letter to them putting yourself forward for any foreseeable prospective vacancies. Be clear about what type of role you see yourself in and ensure you attach your CV! ;)
  • You’ve heard of business cards, right? If not, boi… I’m not sure what to say about that! Well, once when unemployed, I created my very own 'Job Seeker' Card which, much like a business card, listed my contact details, the job role I was seeking, a few of my top key skills and my availability which I handed out to potential employers at various events at any given opportunity.
  • Being a busy-bee is also a great way of finding work as well as improving your social life. Not every step beyond our front door is going to cost a fortune! There are many events happening in and around the world which are free to attend. Yes, you need to arrange your own travel to and from such places (as is the case when going anywhere) but, the potential rewards once there are so valuable!! Talking to people with a genuine, laid back, honest approach about your current work status and near future goals may see you employed much sooner than you had hoped for. Be confident in yourself as a person and as a future employee. That type of confidence will work in your favour. We’re all encouraged by those who are tenacious!
  • Always dress the part! While we all like to let ourselves go now and then, when seeking work, you need to be readily available for any opportunity that may come your way. You could meet someone today who happens to be the CEO of a big firm who is due to advertise for an exec role. However, even if you have confidently approached this person (not knowing, of course, who they are), your appearance could put them off from having a conversation with you which means you will have blown a possible chance at securing a great job for yourself.
  • There is nothing like someone who is on the ball and consistent with it and, in my experience, it is these very people who are the most successful in all that they do! Set yourself a routine that is much like the one you are likely to have once employed and stick with it. Wake up early, have breakfast, bathe, get dressed then go to work in your role as a full-time job seeker. Be consistent, efficient, diligent and proactive. Remain focused, patient, productive and hopeful. Speak with family and friends about jobs at their place of employment, check local newspapers etc, visit nearby businesses and keep a record of everything. Should a prospective employer contact you, you want to be able to respond to any questions put to you with confidence and with as few nerves as possible so, having notes to hand will help you to do that. Be organised!!! 

While it is a very tough life we each seem to be living now, it isn’t necessarily one that is completely bad and, by choice, you can make good things happen for yourself. Social media sites are also a great way of reaching out, connecting with others and seeking opportunities. Hash tag ‘jobs’, ‘work’, ‘employment’ and the alike. See what you find!

Most importantly, do not shun certain job offers. It is better to be in work than out of work, plus it’s easier to move from job to job than it is from unemployed to job, trust me!! ;) Worry not what others may think of you as one who is unemployed and instead turn your attention to what you think of yourself. If you do not like the way things with you are at the moment, do all that you can with what you have, starting from this very moment, to see a positive change.

Don’t moan about it, set about changing it!! Anything is possible with self-belief, determination and an incredibly thick skin! 

If you try any of the methods above do please inform me of the outcome and also, feel free to share any successful methods of your own. 

PS: For more about any of the above, or to discover how to do certain things, use GOOGLE!! ;)

Happy job seeking, folks!

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