Wednesday, 7 May 2014


So, here's the thing: It seems to be that in America and some other countries, people are quite good at praising their efforts and achievements while in the U.K most often 'shy' away from simply loving themselves and accepting compliments from each other. Why?

I have no problem whatsoever in demonstrating gratitude towards others and myself. I'm aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I'm also fully aware that I am HUMAN and while I will continue to make mistakes until I draw my last breath, I appreciate the lessons to be learned from such mistakes.

We all need to know that within us there is an untouchable beauty, real talk! None of us were born with a bad personality so, even when we do wrong, it will always be as a result of having experienced some sort of hardship or devastation. Now while that probably won't justify our ill actions at the time it is an explanation and one we should therefore embrace as it will help us not to be so hard on ourselves but to commend our willingness (if that is the case at the said time) to change and improve who we are.

I'm not the best looking woman out there but, I am attractive and I have have great qualities, skills, abilities and talents. So too is your truth. Male or female, dodgy past or not, right here and right now YOU CAN CHOOSE the direction you take, the person you want to be and the beauty within you that you want to be seen.
Stay humble, stay true, stay as you wish yourself to be seen by others. False labels never stick! So, the next time someone compliments your looks, your outfit, your work, your success, your efforts or anything else just say, "thank you, I know and am grateful to you for your compliment".

Have a beautiful life, folks. So you decide, so it will be.

Images taken from Google